How dentist Jamie Nelson saved
Chloe's tooth

One of Chloe’s pre-molar was in such a bad state it was wobbly and her first dentist said it had to come out. Chloe made a date for it to be extracted but on her Mum’s advice, decided to get a second opinion. She went to the practice where Jamie Nelson works. He agreed that the tooth was in bad shape but said he would do his very best to save it with root canal treatment. And he did! The tooth now feels strong and healthy and the bone that had been lost underneath the tooth has grown back. The case made Jamie the winner of the Young Dentist Endodontic Award in 2013. Chloe is now Jamie’s patient and very grateful she went for a second opinion.

Julian Webber, who set up the Young Dentist Endodontic Award and is the founder of the Harley Street Centre for Endodontics said:

“Jamie’s commitment to saving Chloe’s tooth is admirable. He has done her a great service. The award was set up to recognise high standards in endodontics among young dentists and Jamie was a deserving winner.”

More about the competition here.

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Jamie Nelson and Chloe with Before and After photos

Jamie commented: “What’s exciting is how well the body can heal itself once infection is removed. I like the idea that there can be a big black hole where bone is lost and it can heal itself thanks to the treatment provided.”