Campaign feedback

A selection of the messages in support of the Saving Teeth Awareness Campaign.

“Very worthy campaign as most patients are simply not aware of the options available to them so keep up the good work here!”
Yvonne Cheung

“Your campaign is badly needed to highlight what is going on.”

“Many dental phobics arrive needing a root canal treatment as their introduction to dentistry again. An awareness of how to defuse their fear of the procedure, which is fueled by horror stories from others is essential. Dentists must achieve excellent pain control and have time for the person.”
Jenny Pinder

“I am a dentist and I think the very best things to have in your mouth are your own teeth. I think that lots of teeth that could be retained indefinitely are removed to make room for dental implants. Implants are great where there are no other options but removing teeth that could be saved by root treatment is not right. If your own dentist can't provide a root treatment I would advise all people to see a specialist before they make any decisions.”
Richard Crosby

“Happy to support the Saving Teeth Awareness Campaign. Not a day goes by when a patient doesn't say that earlier extractions may have been avoided if they had been referred for specialist treatment.”
Endodontist Peter Davis

“As a Periodontist, I could not agree more with your campaign. People need to know that teeth can be for life and there is so much that endo and perio can achieve.”
Ian Dunn

“My first consultation with Trevor Lamb was one of the best things I had ever done. He sorted my tooth infection and also diagnosed my facial stress and advised me on what to do. This has made a difference to the jaw pain which I was suffering from for the last 6 months. I am so impressed with Trevor and would like to thank him for saving my tooth and the advice he gave me. To me, he is a hero and this campaign is very important indeed.”
Mrs Calderwood

Several patients have emailed to ask for an opinion on their individual case which we regret we cannot provide without a consultation. If you have a query which relates to NHS treatment, we recommend you talk to your dentist or your local Primary Care Trust.

For general advice, you can call the helpline of the British Dental Health Foundation on 0845 063 1188.

Or for a private assessment by the Harley Street Centre for Endodontics, please call: 020 7935 6393.


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