Q&As for patients

Q:I have been advised to have a tooth extracted – is this right?

A:We cannot give specific advice without seeing you but we would advise you to see whether root canal treatment is an option, and if not, why not.

Q:Surely an extraction would be easier and less painful than endodontic treatment?

A:With modern anaesthetic techniques, endodontic treatment should be painless. If anything, discomfort is generally greater following a tooth extraction than after root canal treatment.

Q:What about the time that it will take?

A:Endodontic treatments generally requires one or two visits lasting between one to two hours (many patients drop off to sleep). Extraction may be over in moments, but implant or bridgework will require many additional visits with your dentist. Never choose extraction because it's quicker.

Q:I have been told that an endodontic procedure would be very difficult and might fail.

A:It’s true that endodontics is complex but a specialist with a dedicated practice has a high success rate. A well root treated tooth with its crown can be expected to last in the mouth as long as an implant. Ask about a referral to an endodontist.

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